Arvo Pärt: Lamentate
The Hilliard Ensemble : discography

ECM New Series 1930

Recorded April 2005, Propstei St. Gerold (Da pacem Domine)


Arvo Pärt: Lamentate

Da Pacem Domine & Lamentate

The Hilliard Ensemble / Alexei Lubimov, SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra


 1.  Da pacem Domine (2004) 
for soloists a cappella

Lamentate (2002)
for piano and orchestra
Homage to Anish Kapoor and his sculpture "Marsyas"
 2.  Minacciando [2:38] 
 3.  Spietato [3:33] 
 4.  Fragile [1:04] 
 5.  Pregando [5:59] 
 6.  Solitudine - stato d'animo [5:25] 
 7.  Consolante [1:21] 
 8.  Stridendo [1:31] 
 9.  Lamentabile [5:46] 
 10.  Risolutamente [2:45] 
 11.  Fragile e conciliante [6:56] 


Da pacem Domine
The Hilliard Ensemble
Sarah Leonard, soprano
David James, countertenor
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Steven Harrold, tenor
Gordon Jones, baritone

Alexei Lubimov, piano
SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra
Andrey Boreyko, conductor


Whatever its outward form, Pärt's spiritual message is consistent. On this disc, "Lamentate" responds to the plea for peace that is "Da pacem Domine". Pärt composed the work to a commission from Jordi Savall for music for a peace concert, embracing the world's musical and religious traditions, held in Barcelona on July 1st, 2004. Its musical point of departure was the 9th century Gregorian antiphon, an intercession in the liturgy which has inspired many composers through the ages:

Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris
Quia non est alius
Qui pugnet pro nobis
Nisi tu Deus noster.

Give peace, o Lord, in our time
Because there is no one else
Who will fight for us
If not You, our God.