Gustav Holst: Choral Music
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

EMI CSD 3764 [LP]

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio No.1, London, 16-18 September 1974


Gustav Holst: Choral Music

The Baccholian Singers of London / English Chamber Orchestra / Philip Jones Brass Ensemble


Side 1
 1.  Good Friday 
 2.  A Love Song 
 3.  Intercession 
 4.  Before Sleep 
 5.  Drinking Song 
 6.  A Dirge for Two Veterans* 

Side 2
 7.  The Homecoming 
 8.  Hymn to Manas 
 9.  (a) The Fields of sorrow
(b) David's lament for Jonathan 
 10.  Truth of all truth 
 11.  The Song of the Blacksmith 
 12.  I sowed the seeds of love 
 13.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 
 14.  I love my love 
 15.  Swansea Town 


The Baccholian Singers of London:
Wynford Evans, Rogers Covey-Crump, Ian Partridge, Paul Elliott (tenor)
Ian Humphris, John Huw Davies (baritone)
Brian Etheridge, Terry Edwards (bass)

English Chamber Orchestra

Philip Jones Brass Ensemble*

(Concerted numbers directed by Ian Humphris)