Haydn and the Earl of Abingdon
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

Naxos 8.570525

Playing time: 68'09

Recorded at Temple Dinsley Hall, Preston, nr Hitchin, Herts, UK,
30 May to 1 June 2007

Release date: May 2008



Haydn and the Earl of Abingdon

Songs and Chamber Music

Bevan / Elliott / Covey-Crump / Café Mozart / McCulloch


Church & State
 1.  Utrum horum mavis, accipe (Earl of Abingdon) [2:35] 
 2.  The Effects of gaming (Earl of Abingdon) [1:21] 
 3.  The Subversion of Parties (Earl of Abingdon) [1:33] 
 4.  The Sailor's Song (Haydn) [2:24] 
 5.  The Political Rationalist (Earl of Abingdon) [4:13] 

Haydn: 'Forster' Trio No. 4 in G major
 6.  Adagio [3:10] 
 7.  Scherzo Allegro [1:18] 
 8.  Finale Presto [1:38] 

Shakespeare Prologue
 9.  Trachten will ich nicht auf Erden (Haydn) [4:17] 
 10.  She never told her love (Haydn) [3:02] 

Earl of Abingdon: Country Dances
 11.  Fops Alley [0:55] 
 12.  Bella Donna [1:04] 
 13.  April Showers [1:04] 
 14.  Hop Tops [0:39] 

Earl of Abingdon: Birds and Bees
 15.  The Happy Cage [2:13] 
 16.  The Wanton Bee [2:28] 
 17.  The Wakefull Nightingale [1:53] 

Haydn: English Trio No. 2 in G major on a theme by the Earl of Abingdon
 18.  [Theme & Variations] Andante - Allegro [4:17] 

The love-sick Heart
 19.  The Force of Love (Earl of Abingdon) [2:17] 
 20.  Platonick Love (Earl of Abingdon) [2:24] 
 21.  Gegenliebe (Haydn) [2:47] 
 22.  The love-sick Maid (Earl of Abingdon) [1:54] 

Earl of Abingdon: Country Dances and a Minuet (1789)
 23.  Lady Charlotte Berties Capricio [0:37] 
 24.  Lady Charlotte Berties Delight [0:40] 
 25.  Lady Jane Aston's Minuet [1:06] 

Haydn: English Trio No. 1 in C major
 26.  Allegro moderato [4:04] 
 27.  Andante [2:22] 
 28.  Finale Vivace [2:18] 

Shakespeare Epilogue
 29.  The Spirit's Song (Haydn) [5:17] 
 30.  When icicles hang by the wall (Haydn) [1:35] 


Café Mozart (Windsor)
Derek McCulloch, Proprietor

Sophie Bevan, soprano
Rachel Elliott, soprano
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Jenny Thomas, flute and recorder
Edwina Smith, flute
Oliver Sändig, violin
Michael Sanderson, violin
Katharine May, harpsichord and square piano
Ian Gammie, bass viol and guitar


Willoughby Bertie, Fourth Earl of Abingdon, was among the leading English musical amateurs in late 18th century London, a composer himself and a noted patron. He was particularly associated with Haydn's two visits to London in the 1790s, occasions reflected in some of the music included in the present recording, works by Haydn and by the Earl himself.