Music from the time of Christian IV - Songs and Harpsichord Music
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

BIS CD-391

Playing time: 60'23

Recorded: 1987-03-30/31 at St. John's Church, Hackney, London (Dowland)


Music from the time of Christian IV - Songs and Harpsichord Music


Søren Terkelsen (c.1590-1656/7)
 1.  Hylas vill intet giffte sig (Hylas does not want to get married) [2:25] 
 2.  Daphnissis bekymrede Kiærligheds Tancker (Daphnis´ worried thoughts of love) [2:21] 
 3.  Coridons Klage-Vise (Coridon´s lement) [2:27] 
 4.  Myrtillo Klage-Vise (Myrtillo´s lement) [1:55] 

Gabriel Voigtländer (1596-1643)
 5.  Als er guten Bescheid von seiner Damen empfangen [2:45] 
 6.  Ein Sommerliedlein [3:20] 

John Dowland (1562-1626)
 7.  I saw my Lady weepe [5:25] 
 8.  A shepherd in a shade [2:55] 
 9.  Flow my tears (Lachrime) [3:39] 
 10.  Cleare and Cloudie sweet as Aprill showring [2:51] 
 11.  Sorrow sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares [2:50] 

Melchior Schildt (1592/3-1667)
 12.  Paduana Lachrymae [5:10] 

Heinrich Scheidemann (c.1596-1663)
 13.  Englische Mascarada oder Judentanz [3:18] 

Melchior Schildt (1592/3-1667)
 14.  Gleichwie das Feuer [4:00] 

Søren Terkelsen (c.1590-1656/7)
 15.  Daphnis beder sin Galathee... (Daphnis begs his Galathee...) [3:53] 
 16.  Jt trofast Hierte gaar for Alting (To know a faithful heart) [2:50] 
 17.  Dend højestbedrøffuede Daffnissis Hiertesørgelige Klage-Vise (The very sorrowful Dafnis´s heartrending lement) [2:44] 
 18.  En Dricke-Vise (A Drinking Song) [2:33] 


Ulrik Cold, bass
Lars Ulrik Mortensen, harpsichord
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Jakob Lindberg, lute