Dowland: The First Booke of Songs or Ayres
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

BIS CD-430

Playing time: 75'37

Recording data: 1988-11-27/29 at the Petrus Church (Petruskyrkan), Stocksund, Sweden


Dowland: The First Booke of Songs or Ayres

Rogers Covey-Crump / Jakob Lindberg


 1.  (19) Awake sweet love thou art returnd [2:40] 
 2.  (10) Thinkst thou then by thy fayning? [1:53] 
 3.  (5) Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloake [3:00] 
 4.  (9) Goe crystall teares [2:53] 
 5.  (3) My thoughts are wingd with hopes [3:12] 
 6.  (20) Come heavy sleepe [4:09] 
 7.  (18) His golden locks time has to silver turnd [3:59] 
 8.  (11) Come away, come sweet love [2:08] 
 9.  (4) If my complaints couid passions move [3:21] 
 10.  (14) All ye whom love or fortune hath betrayd [3:09] 
 11.  (2) Who ever thinkes or hopes of love for love [2:47] 
 12.  (21) Away with these self-loving lads [2:40] 
 13.  (6) Now, O now I needs must part [5:02] 
 14.  (17) Come again: Sweet love doth now invite [4:28] 
 15.  (13) Sleep wayward thoughts [3:27] 
 16.  (7) Deare if you change Ile never chuse againe [2:51] 
 17.  (1) Unquiet thoughts [3:31] 
 18.  (16) Would my conceit that first enforst my woe [5:26] 
 19.  (15) Wilt thou, unkind, thus reave me of my heart? [4:00] 
 20.  (8) Burst forth, my teares [4:10] 
 21.  (12) Rest a while you cruell cares [4:01] 


Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Jakob Lindberg, lute


No one in Elizabethan England could write a tune like Dowland. This supreme melodist and lute player composed some of the most beloved and enduring songs of any age, and today Dowland remains one of the most exalted--and most recorded--composers of the late-16th and early 17th centuries. His songs with lute are among the finest and most harmonically innovative of the genre. Their subject is often some aspect of love, most likely focusing on sadness, longing, or death. The "First Book of Songs" is the least melancholy of his collections, and contains some of his most famous songs--such as "Now, O Now I Needs Must Part," "Come Again: Sweet Love Doth Now Invite," and "Come Away, Come Sweet Love." Rogers Covey-Crump's gentle, articulate, and gorgeous tenor is the perfect voice for these pieces, and lutenist Jakob Lindberg is an ideal partner. --David Vernier