John Joubert: Choral Music
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

The British Music Society BMS 102CDH

Playing time: 65'30

Recorded at St Giles, Cripplegate, London, on 17, 19 and 20 February 1975


John Joubert: Choral Music

The Louis Halsey Singers - Louis Halsey


 1.  O Praise God in his Holiness Op.52 (1967) [1:49] 

Pro Pace Motets (1955/9):
 2.  Libera Plebem Op.19 [5:34] 
 3.  O Tristia Secla Priorum Op.32 [5:27] 
 4.  Solus ad Victimam Op.29 [10:28] 

 5.  How are my Foes Increased, Lord! Op.61 (1969) [6:45] 
 6.  Sleep Canticle Op.81 (1974) 
Jean Knibbs: soprano, Rogers Covey-Crump: tenor

Three Hymns to St Oswald Op.74 (1972):
 7.  Hymnus de Sancto Oswaldo Episcopo [5:27] 
 8.  Hymnus ad Nocturnum [9:12] 
 9.  Hymnus ad Matitunem [7:35] 

 10.  Nowell, Op.58 (1968) [3:23] 


Jean Knibbs, soprano
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Martin Neary, organ
The Louis Halsey Singers/Louis Halsey


John Joubert celebrates his 80th birthday on 20 March 2007. To mark the occasion the British Music Society has digitally remastered and reissued this 1975 recording for the first time on CD.

A small-scale cantata, the Sleep Canticle is scored for soprano, tenor and chorus. This time, the words are drawn from Sir Thomas Browne’s Religio Medici - a prose passage intoned by the tenor soloist - whereas the refrain sung twice by the soprano soloist is on words by Julian of Norwich. The piece falls into two sections, the first of which opens with the tenor soloist who is joined later by the chorus at the words "Sleep is a death". It ends with a short coda by the soprano soloist on words by Julian of Norwich. The second section follows straight after and begins with the chorus then leading back to the refrain again. The unaccompanied tenor has the last word.