Guillaume Dufay: Se la face ay pale
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

EMI CSD 3751 [LP]

Playing time: 45'

Recorded: September 1973


Guillaume Dufay: Se la face ay pale

The Early Music Consort of London - David Munrow


Side One
 1.  Gloria ad modum tubae 
two counter tenors, two tenor sackbuts
 2.  Chanson Se la face ay pale 
a) original three part version: counter tenor, tenor, bass viol, lute, harp
b) and c) two keyboard versions from the Buxheimer Organ Book: organ solo
d) four part instrumental version attributed to Dufay: alto cornett, alto shawm, alto and tenor sackbuts

Mass 'Se la face ay pale'
 3.  Kyrie
Kyrie I - Christe - Kyrie II 
 4.  Gloria
Et in terra - Qui tollis - Cum Sancto Spiritu 

Side Two
 5.  Credo
Patrem omnipotentem - Et iterum venturus est - Confiteor 
 6.  Sanctus
Sanctus - Pleni sunt caeli - Osanna I - Benedictus - Osanna II 
 7.  Agnus
Agnus Dei I - Agnus Dei II - Agnus Dei III 


James Bowman, Charles Brett, counter tenors
Martyn Hill, Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott, Ian Thompson, tenors
Geoffrey Shaw, Maurice Bevan, baritones
Oliver Brookes, bass viol
James Tyler, lute, tenor viol
Christopher Hogwood, organ, harp
Michael Laird, alto cornett
Alan Lumsden, tenor sackbut, tenor cornett
Roger Brenner, alto and tenor sackbuts
Martin Nicholls, bass sackbut
David Munrow, alto shawm

Forces employed
solo sections: solo voices, accompanied in the Gloria and Credo by tenor and bass viol
full sections: a choir of eight voices, doubled by alto and tenor cornett, tenor and bass sackbuts

The solo singers are as follows:
counter tenors James Bowman (1) Charles Brett (2)
tenor I Martyn Hill
tenor II Rogers Covey-Crump (3)
baritone Geoffrey Shaw
cantor Martyn Hill

(1) Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Benedictus
(2) Pleni, Agnus Dei
(3) Gloria, Credo

The Mass is performed a full tone lower than written. Thanks are due to Mr. Bruno Turner for his advice and help in providing the appropriate plainsong intonations.