Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine (1610)
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

EMI Reflexe CDS 7 47078 8

Playing time: 105'17

Recorded: All Saint's, Tooting, London; August 1983 & March 1984


Monteverdi: Vespro della Beata Vergine (1610)

Taverner Consort, Choir & Players - Andrew Parrott


CD 1
 1.  Versiculus (Canto gregoriano) - Deus in adiutorium [0:14] 
 2.  Responsorium - Domine ad adiuvandum me festina [1:54] 
 3.  Antiphona I (Canto gregoriano) - Assumpta est Maria in caelum [0:29] 
 4.  Psalmus I - Psalmus 109: Dixit Dominus [8:08] 
 5.  Concerto - Nigra sum [3:45] 
 6.  Antiphona II (Canto gregoriano) - Maria Virgo assumpta est [0:42] 
 7.  Psalmus II - Psalmus 112: Laudate pueri [6:04] 
 8.  Concerto - Pulchra es [3:37] 
 9.  Antiphona III (Canto gregoriano) - In odorem unguentorum tuorum currimus [0:33] 
 10.  Psalmus III - Psalmus 121: Laetatus sum [6:54] 
 11.  Sonata a 2 per violine e violone (Giovanni Paolo Cima) [4:21] 
 12.  Antiphona IV (Canto gregoriano) - Benedicta filia tua Domino [0:38] 
 13.  Psalmus IV - Psalmus 126: Nisi Dominus [4:50] 
 14.  Concerto - Audi coelum [7:30] 

CD 2
 1.  Antiphona V (Canto gregoriano) - Pulchra es et decora, filia Hierusalem [0:38] 
 2.  Psalmus V - Psalmus 147: Lauda Jerusalem Dominum [4:49] 
 3.  Sonata a 3 per violino, cornetto e violone (Giovanni Paolo Cima) [3:17] 
 4.  Capitulum (Canto gregoriano) - In omnibus requiem quaesivi [0:47] 
 5.  Hymnus - Ave maris stella [8:08] 
 6.  Versus et responsorium (Canto gregoriano) - Exaltata est sancta Dei Genitrix [0:31] 
 7.  Antiphona VI (Canto gregoriano) - Hodie Maria Virgo caelos ascendit [0:33] 
 8.  Magnificat [17:19] 
 9.  Sonata sopra Sancta Maria [6:24] 
 10.  Oratio (Canto gregoriano) - Dominus vobiscum [1:07] 
 11.  Versus (Canto gregoriano) - Dominus vobiscum / Benedicamus Domino [0:24] 
 12.  Concerto - Duo Seraphim [4:53] 
 13.  Antiphona Beatae Mariae Virginis - Salve Regina [5:14] 
 14.  Versus et responsorium (Canto gregoriano) - Ora pro nobis [0:23] 
 15.  Oratio (Canto gregoriano) - Domine vobiscum [1:01] 
 16.  Conclusio (Canto gregoriano) - Divinum auxilium maneat semper nobiscum [0:19] 


Tessa Bonner, Emma Kirkby, Evelyn Tubb, Emily Van Evera, sopranos
Margaret Philpot, mezzo-soprano
Rogers Covey-Crump, Joseph Cornwell, Charles Daniels, Andrew King, Nigel Rogers, John Dudley, Peter Long, tenors
Stephen Charlesworth, baritone
Richard Savage, David Thomas, Richard Wistreich, Simon Grant, basses


Although there have been several rival versions since the original release of this recording of Monteverdi's sacred masterpiece, it still remains a strong recommendation indeed. Eschewing the pomp and grandeur of John Eliot Gardiner's later and popular alternative version, Andrew Parrott picks a smallish group of singers and players and homes in instead on the lyrical and intimate beauties of this music, of which there are many. He also adopts the quasi-liturgical approach of interspersing Monteverdi's various concerted numbers with appropriate chant, thereby adding tellingly to the devotional tenor of this performance. With distinguished baroque singers such as Emma Kirkby, Nigel Rogers, Rogers Covey-Crump and David Thomas in his vocal ensemble, the whole thing is brought off with memorable effectiveness and unfailing beauty of sound, no less in the choral psalm settings than in the ravishingly beautiful solo motets. The instrumental contributions, too, are of a high standard, drawn from a community of London-based players which in 1984 was just coming into its own. This is a recording which must rank as one of the happiest products of the English 1980s early-music scene. -- Lindsay Kemp