Purcell: Timon of Athens; Dioclesian
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

Erato 2292-45327-2

Playing time: 112'

Recorded in 12/1987, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Londres


Erato 4509-96556-2 (1994)



Purcell: Timon of Athens; Dioclesian

Monteverdi Choir / English Baroque Soloists - John Eliot Gardiner


CD 1
Timon of Athens
 1.  Overture [2:38] 
 2.  The Masque
A Symphony of Pipes imitating the chirping of birds - "Hark! how the songsters of the grove" 
(Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson)
 3.  A Nymph "Love in their little veins inspires" 
(Lynne Dawson)
 4.  Two Nymphs and a shepherd "But ah! how much are our delights" 
(Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson, Stephen Varcoe)
 5.  A Bacchanal "Hence with your trifling deity!"
(Michael George)
Three Bacchanals "But over us no griefs prevail"
(Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott, Michael George) 
 6.  Cupid "Come all, come all to me" 
(Gillian Fisher)
 7.  Choir "Who can resist" [1:32] 
 8.  Bacchus "Return, revolting rebels!" 
(Stephen Varcoe)
 9.  A Nymph "The care of lovers" 
(Lynne Dawson)
 10.  A Bacchanal "Love quickly is pall'd" 
(Rogers Covey-Crump)
 11.  Cupid and Bacchus "Come, let us agree" 
(Gillian Fisher, Stephen Varcoe, chorus)
 12.  Curtain Tune [2:18] 

 13.  First Music [2:11] 
 14.  Second Music [1:25] 
 15.  Overture [4:12] 
 16.  Act I
First Act Tune 
 17.  Act II
First song "Great Diocles" 
(Stephen Varcoe, chorus)
 18.  Second song, by a woman
"Charon, the peaceful shade" (Lynne Dawson)
Duet "Let all mankind pleasure share"
(Gillian Fisher, Michael George, chorus) 
 19.  Martial Song "Let the soldiers rejoice" 
(Paul Elliott, chorus)
 20.  Ritornello
Trio "To Mars let 'em raise"
(Paul Elliott, Stephen Varcoe, Michael George, chorus)
 21.  "A Symphony of flutes in the air" Song
(Rogers Covey-Crump)
(Gillian Fisher, Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Elliott, Stephen Varcoe and chorus) 
 22.  Dance of Furies [3:20] 
 23.  Second Act Tune [0:38] 
 24.  Act III: Chaconne
(Two in one upon a Ground) 

CD 2
 1.  Song "When first I saw" (Lynne Dawson) [2:26] 
 2.  The Chair Dance [1:17] 
 3.  Song "What shall I do" (Lynne Dawson) [5:23] 
 4.  Third Act Tune [0:38] 
 5.  Act IV
Butterfly Dance 
 6.  Trumpet Tune [0:32] 
 7.  Song "Sound Fame" (Paul Elliott, chorus) [5:18] 
 8.  Fourth Act Tune [0:33] 
 9.  Act V
Country Dance 
 10.  Prelude
The Masque
Cupid "Call the Nymphs" (Gillian Fisher, chorus) 
 11.  A Bacchanalian and a Silvan "Come, come away" 
(Stephen Varcoe, Michael George)
 12.  First Entry
Prelude and chorus
 13.  Two Wood-Gods "Ah the sweet delights of love" 
(Gillian Fisher, Lynne Dawson)
 14.  A Faun "Let monarchs fight" (Lynne Dawson) [2:17] 
 15.  Another Faun "Since from my dear" 
(Gillian Fisher)
 16.  Second Entry
Two of Bacchus' followers "Make room"
(Stephen Varcoe, Michael George)
Bacchus (Michael George), Trio "Give to every one"
(Paul Elliott, Stephen Varcoe, Michael George, chorus)
Dance of Bacchanals 
 17.  One of Cupid's Followers (Rogers Covey-Crump) [5:05] 
 18.  Third Entry
Dialogue: Shepherd and Shepherdess
"Tell me why my charming fair" 
(Gillian Fisher, Stephen Varcoe)
 19.  Fourth Entry
 20.  One of the Pleasures "All our days"
(Paul Elliot, chorus)
Another of the Pleasures "Let us dance"
(Lynne Dawson) 
 21.  Fifth Entry
Trio "Triumph, victorious love"
(Rogers Covey-Crump, Michael George, Paul Elliott)


Lynne Dawson, soprano
Gillian Fisher, soprano
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Paul Elliott, tenor
Michael George, bass
Stephen Varcoe, bass
Monteverdi Choir
English Baroque Soloists
Direction: John Eliot Gardiner