When Birds Do Sing
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

Bard Records BDCD 1-9207

Playing time: 74'06

Recorded in the Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC


When Birds Do Sing

Music Of 17th Century England

the Folger Consort with Rogers Covey-Crump


Elizabethan and Jacobean Ayres and Instrumental Works
 1.  It was a lover and his lass (Thomas Morley) [4:10] 
 2.  La volto (Thomas Morley) [2:01] 
 3.  The cypress curtain of the night (Thomas Campion) [4:23] 
 4.  Browning (Elway Bevin) [2:48] 
 5.  Fair in a morn (Thomas Morley) [3:55] 

Popular Tunes and a Broadside Ballad
 6.  Kemp's Jig [1:40] 
 7.  Selinger's Round [1:48] 
 8.  Cock Lorel [3:32] 
 9.  Daphne [1:32] 
 10.  All in a Garden Green [2:46] 

More Elizabethan and Jacobean Works
 11.  Il Lamento (Thomas Morley) [1:47] 
 12.  La Girandola (Thomas Morley) [1:14] 
 13.  I saw my Lady weep (John Dowland) [5:05] 
 14.  Woodycock (Anonymous) [1:58] 
 15.  See where she lies (Thomas Campion) [2:03] 
 16.  Pavan (Anthony Holborne) [4:21] 
 17.  See mine own sweet jewel (Thomas Morley) [1:35] 

Jacobean Theatrical Music
 18.  The Jew's dance (Anonymous) [1:45] 
 19.  Why stays the bridegroom (Alfonso Ferrabosco) [2:24] 
 20.  Johnson's flat masque (Robert Johnson) [1:19] 
 21.  Have you seen the bright lily grow? (Robert Johnson) [1:20] 
 22.  Sir Roger Bacon's masque (Anonymous) [1:04] 
 23.  Sir Roger Bacon's masque (Anonymous) [1:22] 

Music of the Commonwealth and Restoration
 24.  At dead low ebb of night (Henry Lawes) [3:29] 
 25.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Fancy [1:10] 
 26.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Ayre [1:13] 
 27.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant I [1:09] 
 28.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant II [1:06] 
 29.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Corant I da capo [0:34] 
 30.  Suite in G (Matthew Locke): Sarab(and) [0:38] 
 31.  Cupid's Doomsday (Alphonso Marsh) [2:49] 
 32.  Divisions on a ground in D minor (Christopher Simpson) [2:59] 
 33.  Gather your Rose buds while you may (William Lawes) [1:35] 


Robert Eisenstein - viol, recorder
Christopher Kendall - lute
Scott Reiss - recorders
with Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor


'The Folger Consort with celebrated English tenor, Rogers Covey-Crump. For those who couldn't make it to the Folger - Rogers Covey-Crump uses his voice in an amazingly subtle and expressive way to render the shadings of meaning. He's an absolute master of his craft.'