Music for Croft
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

National Trust NT 005 [LP]

Recorded at St John at Hackney, St Mary's Church, Elham

Music for Croft

William Croft: Sacred & Secular Music

Choir & Orchestra of Authentic Instruments - John Holloway


Side 1
 1.  Rejoice in the Lord (Psalm 33) (2, 3) [15:20] 
 2.  Act Tunes in Grief Allamode or The Comedy call'd the Funeral (b) 
Scotch Aire. Slow Aire. Jigg. Slow Aire. Aire. Aire. Chaconne

Side 2
 3.  The Lord is King (Psalm 99) (3) [7:50] 
 4.  Saraband in D Minor (b) [2:30] 
 5.  Suite in G Major (a) [5:00] 
 6.  O give thanks (Psalm 118) (1, 4) [11:10] 


Kevin Smith, counter-tenor (1)
Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor (2)
Michael George, bass (3)
Stephen Varcoe, bass (4)

Soprano: Rachel Bevan, Ruth Lindley, Christine Pound, Jane Seymour, Evelyn Tubb
Alto & tenor: Andrew Giles, Neil Lunt, John Dudley, Julian Pike
Bass: Stephen Charlesworth, Simon Grant, Gareth Morrell

Violin: John Holloway, June Baines, Nicola Cleminson, Miles Golding, Christopher Hirons, Simon Standage
Viola: Trevor Jones, Jan Schlapp
Cello: Susan Sheppard, Tim Mason
Double bass: Francis Baines
Oboe: David Reichenberg, Claire Shanks
Bassoon: Hansjürge Lange
Theorbo: Jakob Lindberg
Organ & harpsichord: Robin Langley

Harpsichords: John Hitchcock, (a) London (ob. 1774); Lyme Park, Cheshire (by kind permission of Lord Newton); restored by Clayson & Garrett, Lyminge, 1980.
J.D. Dulcken, (b) Antwerp 1745; Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC; copy by Clayson & Garrett, 1980
Chamber organ: Noel Mander, London, 1978