Hertford Choral Society
Rogers Covey-Crump : discography

Redbridge RRCD1048

Playing time: 57'58

Recorded during the weekend of 29/30 June 1996 in the Chapel of St. Edmund's College, Old Hall Green, Ware, by kind permission of the Headmaster.


Hertford Choral Society

Works by Janacek, Purcell, Faure, Bruckner, Elgar


Three Motets Anton Bruckner (1842-96)
 1.  Ecce sacerdos 
(Ecclesiasticus 43: 16, 27) - 1885
 2.  Locus iste 
(Liber Usalis: Gradual for the Dedication of a Church)
 3.  Offertorium 
(Psalm 45: 14-15) - 1861

 4.  Hear my prayer (Psalm 102) Henry Purcell (1659-95) [2:42] 
 5.  Ave verum - 1887 Edward Elgar (1857-1934) [2:42] 

Otce náš (Our Father) - 1901 Leoš Janácek (1854-1928)[14:56] 
 6.  Otce náš, jenž jsi na nebesích... [5:36] 
 7.  Bud vule tvá jako v nebi... [3:00] 
 8.  Chléb náš vezdejší... [1:37] 
 9.  A odpust nám naše viny... [3:08] 
 10.  Neuved nás v pokušení... [1:31] 

Christmas Music
 11.  Rejoice, ye good people on earth Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47)  [1:38] 
 12.  The Linden Tree (14th cent text) arr. Derek Harrison [2:26] 
 13.  A Somerset Carol arr. William Llewellyn  [1:51] 
 14.  La Nanita Nana (traditional Spanish carol) arr. Roger Folstrom [4:04] 

 15.  Cantique de Jean Racine - 1865 Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) 
(Hymnes traduites du breviare romain)

Ascribe unto the Lord S.S. Wesley (1810-76)[12:45] 
 16.  Psalm 96, vv 7 & 8: Ascribe unto the Lord... [2:30] 
 17.  Psalm 96 v 9, 2 & 3: O worship the Lord...  [2:42] 
 18.  Psalm 96 v 5, & Psalm 115 vv 4-8: As for the gods... [1:14] 
 19.  Their idols are silver and gold... [1:03] 
 20.  They that make them... [0:49] 
 21.  Psalm 115 v 3 & 12-15: As for our God... [0:54] 
 22.  The Lord has been mindful... [3:31] 


Rogers Covey-Crump, tenor
Naomi Rudoe, harp
Michael Frith, organ
Robert Workman, Mark Templeton, Rune Thieme, trombone
Hertford Choral Society
Derek Harrison, director


In 1996, Hertford Choral Society made its second full-length recording. The selection of music reflects some aspects of the repertoire that the choir performs and indeed the pieces recorded had all been performed in concerts during the preceding year.
A particular highlight is Janacek's Otcenas with the internationally acclaimed English tenor, Rogers Covey-Crump. This is a rarely heard but most effective setting of the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) for tenor, choir and harp. Wesley's "Ascribe unto the Lord" represents the great English Cathedral tradition of the late 19th century and is given a suitably dramatic performance here. Two smaller anthems by great English composers are included - the exquisite "Hear my prayer" by Henry Purcell and "Ave verum" by Edward Elgar. Three motets by Bruckner (accompanied by three trombones and organ) and Faure's Cantique de Jean Racine are included, as is a group of Christmas pieces from the 14th century "Linden Tree" Carol to the traditional Spanish carol "La Nanita Nana".